Tool Override on a Material

This Tip is for people using NcCenter Version 2 or NcCenter V2.1.

Did you know you are able to assign a Tool Override on a material, to force it to use a different outline tool for a particular material?

For example: Using a different diameter tool.

To do this you need to have a job ready to optimize in NcCenter using the material you wish to assign an alternative outline cutter to.

Then go to the material list and select the material you wish to assign the cutter to.

Right click on the material and select ‘Properties’ from the menu.

When the properties window opens click on the ‘Tools’ tab, then select the tool you wish to use for both the Front and Back face of the material (if desired).

Then to close the window, simply click OK.

This override will remain on the material until it is removed.

For further information on this;
Simply open the NcCenter help file and type ‘Tool Override’ into the search box!


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