FAQs – email drawings to customers

A common question that we are asked is, how do you email drawings to show the design to the customer?

The easiest ways is to create a PDF file of the drawings. To do this you will need PDF creator. To download the application required to do this from the internet, search for ‘PDF Creator’.

Choose one of the free downloads.

Once you have downloaded a PDF creator to your computer, you will notice when you have a document open and you go to File –Print, you now have a new option as your PDF Creator.

Now try it in your Planit software. Have a drawing on screen and go to File – Print and choose your PDF creator. You will notice after a couple of seconds the drawing will open in your PDF Creator and you now have the option to save the file ready for emailing.

Make sure you take note of where you are saving your file to, and go ahead and open a new email and add the saved PDF file of your drawings as an attachment.

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