Cabnetware Version 8.2 has been released. 8.2 is the result of 12 months of meeting with customers and industry professionals for their input into its development, Cabnetware Version 8.2 incorporates many exciting new features & enhancements. See below Top 10 Features in 8.2:


  1. Modify edge banding on parts in CNC Center
  2. Reference each poly groove point to any node on a part
  3. Change door and drawer front style on a cabinet with a saved multi cross section or a saved cutlist
  4. Undo in multi cross section
  5. Overlapping cabinet selector
  6. Soffit floor plan display option with the ability to modify and add soffits
  7. Assign drawer hardware by length to non stock drawer side boxes
  8. Add a border shape to any part
  9. Assign jpg files to textures and export room images as textures
  10. Break wall for different heights after wall is drawn

See attached detailed explanation of Top 10 Features in Cabnetware 8.2
See attached complete feature list for Cabnetware 8.2

The following products are available with 8.2:
* EDGECAM | Designer    * Case Planner    * Detailer    * Cabnetworks   *Customers with machine connections will also receive the update to NC Center 2.1

Special Training Offer

For customers running Cabnetware Version 8.1, Planit are offering a special training offer when you purchase Version 8.2.
Purchase one of our special training options designed to train you on setting up and using the exciting new features & enhancements in Version 8.2.

1 Day Classroom Introductory Training Course @ Planit Sydney or Melbourne Office          $ 350 + GST pp

If your company requires an experienced technician onsite to install, setup and train your key staff on 8.2 you can purchase the ultimate training package:
Onsite Install/Setup & Training (per day)                                  $ 1000 + GST
**Depending on location.

**Note: Version 8.2 is strongly recommended to be purchased with one of the above training options or your company should reactivate your telephone support. If you are running an earlier version than 8.1 please call your local sales representative for a quotation on updating your software to Version 8.2 and a custom training package to bring you up to speed on earlier versions + Version 8.2.

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