New Cabinet Vision Version 5, taking it step by step

Cabinet Vision software from leading supplier Planit has been released in a new range of modules.

The software includes the following modules.

Solid Essential is entry-level software targeted for small companies looking to automate their business.

Solid Standard is the next level up, for those seeking the right combination of automation and value.

Solid Advanced is a more sophisticated design and manufacturing tool that allows you to detail all your jobs, from kitchen cabinets to complex architectural projects.

Solid Ultimate is top of the line software with advanced capabilities that allow you to take full advantage of advanced solid modelling technology.

Screen to Machine Standard is entry level CNC software tool designed for small companies wanting to have a screen to machine connection to their CNC machine.

Screen to Machine Advanced is the next level up, for companies seeking screen to machine connectivity with flexibility & advanced options.

Screen to Machine Ultimate is top of the line CNC software tool that allows you to take advantage of advanced options such as grain matching and much more...

As a business grows, Version 5 of Cabinet Vision allows companies to choose the right level of functionality and price.

Version 5 caters for every customer’s price point. For example, $3,950 for entry level cutlist software & $23,950 for entry level screen to machine software. Other options offer advanced solid modelling technology & screen to machine options with features like grain matching & door manufacturing tools.

“No longer will a business feel that it must wait until it has reached a certain size before investing in woodworking software,” said Louise Clarke, Marketing Manager, Planit Australia.

“Cabinet Vision Version 5 allows you to choose the module that is right for your business. When you need more functionality you simply upgrade to the next module, receiving a full credit towards the upgrade – so you never lose your original investment.

“Having a modular approach to software options, whilst still maintaining product flexibility & functionality is why this option is proving to be the popular choice of today. Modular options mean a company doesn’t have to spend as much money up front, & given the current economy, anything that helps minimise costs or allows a customer to spend money in stages rather than all at once, is going to be a winner.

“Planit is the only cabinet making software provider with a true upgrade path that allows you to grow with the software,” she said.

Cabinet Vision 5 has a system for every level, whether you need:

•    Solid Essential
•    Solid Standard
•    Solid Advanced
•    Solid Ultimate
•    Screen to Machine Standard
•    Screen to Machine Advanced
•    Screen to Machine Ultimate

Planit’s Cabinet Vision has been an award-winning software tool for woodworking professionals since 1983. The Cabinet Vision Solid product line is widely recognised throughout the woodworking industry. Its solid modelling technology creates true three-dimensional presentations of the final product on-screen, while simultaneously generating the necessary information for the factory floor. 

Planit software is easy to set-up. Based on a simple wizard, it allows you to customise the construction method to the way you build your product.

An operator has total control over cabinet sizes, shape, or any construction to suit the customer's needs. Colours and textures can be selected for the whole room or for individual cabinets and parts. Lighting and reflections can be controlled to bring these designs to life well before any manufacturing has begun.

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