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Rebecca our youngest member turns 21

Rebecca, our receptionist  recently turned 21 on the 24th of August 2009.

She celebrated her 21st with a cocktail party with close family & friends.

“I had an amazing night with my family and friends. It was great to see family I hadn’t seen in a while” said Rebecca.

Birthday gifts contributed to a Contiki Tour Rebecca has booked for February next year.

It will be a night Rebecca can look back on in the future with the great photos that were taken, highlighting a celebration which marks a special time in one’s life.

Rebecca about to cut her cake


Dave sets off for a holiday of a lifetime

David Carr, an integrator in our services team recently had the holiday of his life time. Travelling around Europe with the tour group Contiki, Dave met some amazing people whilst travelling through 13 different countries.

“On the tour I met some amazing people from all walks of life. My tour was very diverse with people travelling from Australia, America, Canada, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, and Zimbabwe,” Dave comments.

He explored some amazing places such as Paris, Prague, French Riviera, Corfu, Florence, Rome, Venice, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and London.

“My personal favorite being Prague and Corfu”, reflected Dave.
His best memory was soaking up the sun in Corfu on a paddle boat with some good mates and a keg of Heineken….a man after each of our own hearts!!

A little different to the Planit uniform, Dave in Contiki uniform!!

Beachside days in the French Riviera


Graham enjoys a South American Adventure.

With Grahams wife moving to Australia 8 years ago, every few years Graham and Carina take the opportunity to visit her family and friends in Uruguay, allowing their kids to spend time with their cousins and grand parents over there.

On the way over this time the Rutter family the opportunity to visit the Patagonian region of Argentina, hiring a car and driving around for 7 days stopping at various points of interest.

For those of you who have been to South America you would know it’s a great place to visit for great food (especially steak!) and great wine.

On our last day there, before flying to Uruguay, we were lucky enough to enjoy some fresh snow, which Graham’s 2 boys loved playing in, seeing it for the first time.

Towards the end of the holiday Graham flew out to AWFS in Las Vegas, before returning to Uruguay to pick up the family on the way home.

Graham with his boys, Ashton & Zac.


Louise’s son Lukas, turns 1

To celebrate Lukas’ 1st birthday Louise Clarke, Marketing Manager for Planit & her husband Steve organized Lukas to be Christened with a birthday party afterwards at their house.

“It has been an amazing year” reflected Louise, “I appreciate my sleep more than ever, and whilst Lukas has only been part of our lives for 12 months it feels like he has been apart of our lives forever”.

When asked by the minister, on how Steve & Louise want to parent Lukas, they responded with “Loving & learning with him so he can make his own life journey”.

Steve, Louise & Lukas at his Christening

Steve, Louise & Lukas opening birthday presents.


Paul gets married.

On Saturday 18th July 2009, Paul Copper our Radan specialist, married Julie Lee his partner & mother to his daughter Erin.

The wedding ceremony was held at St Aloysius Gonzaga Parish at Cronulla with the reception celebrations being held at the St George Motor Boat Club.

We wish Paul & Julie happiness, love & friendship for their married life together.

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