Explanation of Codes

For CV or CW customers, the activation of program features and modules are controlled by ‘Codes’. These codes consist of 3 groups of 8 alpha/numerical characters. They are individually coded to match your key burn name and the products you have purchased, this includes versions and ancillary products. Post codes contain 4 alpha characters to provide activation to a machine post. These are matched to the key name and post name. You need a separate post code for each different machine and for each different key name you have.

Codes are issued as Release (permanent), Annual or temporary codes. As a rule, Release codes are only issued for the Master License. Annual Codes are issued for additional keys and Temporary codes are issued during shipping periods and whilst the sales transaction is being finalised. Release or annual codes can’t be issued if there is an outstanding payment or key return pending.

Planit’s policy is to issue the Master License key name as lowercase with the first letter of each word as a capital ie ‘My Best Kitchen’. Additional key names are generally issued all in uppercase ie ‘MY BEST KITCHEN’. Your codes, and this includes post codes where applicable, will always be different between Master and Additional keys, with the same code for all additional keys having the same name.

Planit will always ship goods with 30 day temporary codes for security reasons, with the appropriate release or annual code automatically sent when appropriate. All codes should be stored in a safe place, such as your integration folder supplied from our Services dept, or somewhere where you can retrieve them quickly, if required.

If you have any further questions regarding your codes or how they work, please contact the office.

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