Planit Support Services

We continue developing and enhancing our software to give your company the ability to become more efficient and profitable. A new version of our software is usually released at least once a year. 

Software is a critical part of your everyday manufacturing, we understand this and we have implemented an easy, cost-effective way for you to remain current with the latest software and techniques through our Software Update Program.

Planit's Software Update Program includes a Version Update, E-Support & Point Releases for a 12 month period. When you purchase Software Update Program, the name will be linked to a Software Version number. An example of this is with the release of Version 5 for Cabinet Vision the Software Update Program that you can purchase is V5 Software Update Program and entitles anyone who subscribes, Version 5.

We also have certified technical support teams that will assist you with any software problems that are not covered in our training options. Our Customer Care service team ensures you have the support you need to continue using your Planit software effciently.

Below you will find a brief outline of the Customer Care services we offer. For more information or to renew your Customer Care, please contact your Customer Service Representative at (02) 9544 8815.

 Priority Customer Care
• Priority queuing of Phone Support Call in log
• Guaranteed call back within 2 working hours of original call
• E-Support Worldwide (forum & download centre)
• Remote Diagnostic Service (High speed Broadband Internet Access required) 
• Phone & Fax Support
• One version update

 Customer Care 
• Phone Support in order of call in log
• Remote diagnostic service (High speed Broadband Internet Access required) 
• Phone & Fax Support
• E-Support Worldwide (forum & download centre)



Click here to join Customer Care

(For Australasion customers only -For QLD, WA & NZ see your local dealer)

Customers not Currently in a Support Program
1902 263 483 at a charge of $3.00 per minute + GST
Email tech support on