Our CABINET VISION Online Course takes new users through our software and builds the skills & knowledge to use the program. 

Our CABINET VISION Online Course is designed as a small online class, with a Planit Integator taking users through CABINET VISION, explaining the different features of CABINET VISION and using drawing exercises to help build that knowledge. 

The Course is based on the levels of CABINET VISION, and is broken up acorss 7 Modules. Each Module runs across 1 Day (6 hours with 2 hours of breaks throughout). 

Below, you can find more about what is covered through the course:

Module 1

Module 1 is an introduction to navigating through CABINET VISION and beginning to draw simple jobs:

  • Introduction to CABINET VISION
  • Job Properties
  • System Preferences
  • Drawing Walls
  • Placing Cabinets & Objects
  • Modififying Cabinets
  • Counter Tops, Floors & Ceilings
  • Material Catalouge & Schedules
  • Parts Manager
  • Edge Banding
  • Exercises 1 & 2

Module 2

This Module begins the focus on modifying cabinets and setting your construction methods.

  • Excercise 3 + 4
  • Introduction to Cabinet Editor
  • Construction Methods
  • Saving Cabinets
  • Cabinet Properties 
  • Cabinet Modifications

Module 3

This Module has a strong focus on cabinet editing

  • Carcase Modifications
  • Part Shaping
  • Cabinet Editing - including creation of common cabinets
  • Creating Doors
  • Introduction to Reports
  • Introduction to Panel Optimiser

Module 4

This Module has a strong focus on the Presentation features of CABINET VISION + Key Steps for your licence & data

  • Excerise 5 + 6
  • PhotoVision
  • Camera & Lighting Settings
  • Colours, Textures & Finishines
  • Importing Textures
  • Drawings Page
  • Title Blocks
  • Refeshing Licence
  • Backing Up your Data
  • Common Errors within CABINET VISION

Module 5

This Module beings to explore higher level features of CABINET VISION

  • Excerise 7 + 8 + 9
  • Multiple Rooms within CABINET VISION (including Adding, Exporting & Importing Rooms)
  • Batching Jobs
  • Cross Section View
  • UCS's (User Created Standards) for greater customisation
  • Solid Advanced + Ultimate CAD Features

Module 6

This Module begin to extended the skills already learnt, and includes a section focusing on Solid Ultimate

  • Exercise 10
  • Views within CABINET VISION
  • Cabinet Shaping
  • Cabinet Editor
  • Solid Ultimate features including Grain Matching + Part Shaping + CAM Editor

Module 7

This Module primarily focuses on the S2M CENTER in CABINET VISION:

  • Connections Manager
  • S2M CENTER Introduction
  • Warnings & Errors
  • Pattern Sheets + Printing Labels
  • Tooling in S2M CENTER + Tool Overides


Customers are able to purchase a spot in an upcoming course. Upon receiving payment, our Services Team will schedule you in the next available course. Each Attendee to the course will also receive a Microsoft Headset to use with the online training: 

S2M CENTER Customers should contact their Planit Representative to discuss further training options

Purchase a Spot in our CABINET VISION Online Course


Important Notes before Purchasing

Please contact Planit prior to purchase if you have any questions on the below notes

  • This is a customer’s only course- this includes rental subscriptions, keyed and keyless licensing

  • Solid Essential Online Trials, students and career seekers are required to enter a subscription contract as a minimum requirement

  • Our Courses are run using the current version (Version 12 is current) - Version 11 is welcome but anything older will require a different/customised training solution

  • This course is best suited to new customers with no prior knowledge of CABINETVISION

  • Existing customers with pre-built databases- Planit staff will role back the database to the one on the installation disc. This will ensure all attendees in the course move through the subjects with the same data and at the same time. If not current version, customers can use 1 version behind but won’t be able to follow on in some portions of course

  • Existing customers with network/server versions- please contact Planit to map out a plan for the attendee to use a non-shared database during the course

  • Course is hands on and data will be edited throughout
  • Always check data before sending through to production

Upon completion of the course, users are granted free access for 6 weeks to a recorded online course for easy revision and recap of the content covered during the course.