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With 3 different Platforms, Vortek is the unique and revolutionary Sales and Marketing Tool allowing kitchen & bathroom designers, Real Estate Developers and suppliers of decorative finishers to use virtual 3D technology to display, promote and sell your products and designs easily and efficiently

Vortek is an amazingly easy-to-use interactive and immersive 3D visualisation platform. Customers can interactively change the material on the floor, bench top, cabinet doors and take a walk through their design in a 1:1 scale.  



What sets Vortek apart from other solutions is that it allows your clients to take interactive control, by choosing their materials and colour, and visualise their designs and finishers sections as real life sized displays.

Vortek is a flexible, value adding solution where the return on investment (ROI) is easily calculated compared to traditional showroom display. 

Engage your customer either in your showroom, on your website or with a client on your IPad. With different platforms, Vortek has the flexibility to produce a unique visual experience for your customer.  
Meet your customer’s imagination and preferences instantly
  • Increase your customer’s satisfaction level by presenting them their design in a 3D realistic 1:1 scale presentation
  • Allow your customer to modify and instantly visualise the surface finishes following their own taste
  • User-Friendly - Customers can begin using it in only a few seconds

Display your products efficiently and effectively

  • Improve your showroom experience by incorporating customer interaction
  • Display several design options, give your presentation more flexibility

Boost your Sales

  • Add something unique to your customer’s experience
  • Stand out from your competition and catch your target client’s attention
  • Close sales easier by providing your designers a unique and powerful presentation tool


To Find out more about Plant's latest product - Vortek Please Click here


Check out Tara Denis using Vortek at DesignEX 2013:



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