S2M Center Levels

We have 4 levels of S2M Center to ensure there is a right level to suit your situation. These levels can be integrated with the level of Cabinet Vision or Cabnetware that best suits your requirements.  

Below are just some of the key features in each of our levels: 


Entry Level CNC Software to get you started
  • Automatic tool selection & toolpath generation
  • Basic toolpath simulation
  • Intelligent small part handling (with nesting)
  • Pattern diagram printouts
  • Integrated part labels & reports (basic)
  • Linked part outlines (with nesting)
  • Import single DXF file


A great solution for the growing business with CNC capabilities. 

  • Import from a list of DXF files
  • Manually add parts  to the parts list
  • Add operations to parts
  • Edit trim, & optimization properties by material
  • First pass offset


The solution to give you greater control of your CNC and manufacturing 

  • Communicate with multiple CNC machines
  • Control feeds & speeds of tools by material
  • Cabinet, Part & Material Filtering
  • Drag & drop nest parts
  • Add Parts from Library to Existing Nested Sheet(s)
  • Import/export PNC files
  • Nest by cabinet order

Discover the benefits of S2M Advanced


The ultimate solution for high-end CNC capabilities

  • Define and Utilise Machine Sets
  • Part library
  • Advanced Tool Strategies
  • Multiple Sheet Size for a single material
  • Square off nest feature
  • 6th Face Nesting

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Planit has developed a range of Entry-Level Solutions for those wishing to take the first step with Machinery:


Solid Essential with S2M Essential

Solid Essential with S2M Essential is the ideal entry level screen-to-machine solution for cabinet manufacturers looking to streamline their business by connecting their CNC seamlessly with software.  Learn More >


Solid Essential with Panel Optimiser

Solid Essential with Panel Optimiser is the ideal entry level solution for cabinet manufacturers looking to develop their business and take it to the next level by being able to generate a cutting list and pattern to use on the panel saw for material yield. Learn More >


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