Design to manufacturing software for cabinet manufacturing


Cabnetware integrates room and cabinet design capabilities with manufacturing tools. Cabnetware is for residential and commercial manufacturers of casework; allowing them to generate detailed drawings for use with building contractors and architects.

We offer three levels of Cabnetware software to meet your cabinet and woodworking design and manufacturing needs. Software that is both easy to learn and that will grow with you as your business needs increase. You are not limited to the power of a single software solution, but can easily move to a new level of design and manufacturing functionality as your business grows. As you move from one Cabnetware product to another, your job information moves along with it. Enjoy the added functionality of your enhanced software, but continue your work without having to re-enter your data and jobs.

As an added bonus for those shops automating their business with CNC machinery, all Cabnetware products are fully integrated with the Planit NC Center, providing a complete Screen-to-Machine solution.

New in Cabnetware 2012 R2

  • Slope individual wall segments after breaking
  • Sloped & arched windows & doors
  • Choice to include sofit on special cabinet when placing
  • Modify arcs on counter tops using radius value or arc height
  • Add hardware on the fly
  • Add/delete a point on a CNC poly groove


New in Cabnetware 2012 R1 

  • Continuation (Phase 2), of Counter Tops to Cutting lists Optimizer and CNC
  • Vaulted and Peaked walls
  • Shaped Parts Catalogue for Multi Cross Section
  • Section Opening Names pick list
  • Section Height Lock
  • Modify Mouldings individually. (Front Offset, Finished end Offset, Texture)


New in Cabnetware 2011 R2

  • Materials can be assigned to base, splash and edge in counter top files
  • Counter top parts can go to the cutlist, optimiser or CNC if checked to do so
  • New cabinet parameter to use default shelves for lazy susan (yes/no)
  • Pullouts can be modified in length individually
  • Slab type doors and Drawer Fronts and end panels can be shaped in Multi Cross
  • Section (for CNC purposes only)
  • New feature to price by room or selected rooms

New in Cabnetware 2011 R1

  • Pull outs are separated from the drawer box files.
  • Pull outs can have hardware linked to the sides.
  • Drawer box files now have ten lengths for stock sides
  • End Panels can be adjusted to the rear via modify.
  • Enhanced pull locator placement functions.
  • Copy/Paste a shaped part in Multi Cross Section.
  • Cabinets with a save Multi Cross Section can now be modified in size and keep the changes.
  • Door and Drawer pulls can be moved in Multi Cross Section.
  • Dynamic Multi Cross section retains modifications with cabinet or section changes.
  •  Cabinet handles can be linked with a 3D Object pull, allowing multiple graphics in one room.

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