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CABINET VISION is designed with multiple levels, so there is a level that is best matched to your current business' needs.

CABINET VISION is the only software solution that can truely grow with your business, so when you need greater functionality, simply upgrade to a higher level.

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Solid Ultimate - Engineer your product exactly as you need it

Solid Ultimate

Ultimate gives you the complete set of tools to engineer your product exactly as you need it. Ultimate is our Flag Ship Solution. 


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Solid Advanced - Discover the Potential of your business

Solid Advanced

Advanced is designed with the mid-sized residential & commercial cabinet manufacturer in mind. Advanced builds on the features of Standard, and gives you greater flexibility & control. 


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Solid Standard - simply powerful, perfect for the small cabinet manufacturer

Solid Standard

Standard is designed with the small cabinet manufacturer in mind. Standard gives you the functionality require to take your business to the next step.


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Solid Drafter - Discover your Design Potential

Solid Drafter

Drafter takes the drafting & estimating functionality of Advanced, and packages it in a solution ideal for designers. Drafter can work in conjuction with your CABINET VISION Manufacturing.


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Solid Essential - CABINET VISION's leading entry level software

Solid Essential

Essential is Cabient Vision's entry level, design-to-manufacture software solution. It comes packed with the 'essential' tools every cabinetmaker needs to take their business to the next step.

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