Customer Care Label Membership

Label Offer for Customer Care Members

Planit have been developing new ways to bring even more value to our Customer Care members. We're announcing a new offer to provide additional discounts towards purchasing labels - where each month you can receive 10% off orders for either our
8-per-page or 16-per-page A4 Page Labels.

How it works


  • Each month, you'll receive an email with that month's label membership code - make sure the relevant person in your company gets this.
  • Visit our Online Store via our Website -​

  • Proceed through to the A4 Removable Cabinetry Labels and select 'Add to Cart' on the product you wish to order

  • In the Check-out Page - Select your quantity, enter your shipping details

  • Then click the option to 'Add Coupon' and enter the current month's unique code and select 'Apply'

  • This will then apply the Customer Care Label Membership Discount for you to then complete your purchase by selecting 'Check Out'