We wanted to reach out and take the opportunity to get in touch with you for the launch of 
Hexagon Production Software (Software Owners), like Planit, aim to deliver the best solution. We don’t just sell software. We customise solutions for individual businesses and their specific needs, so Hexagon have been working towards exactly that and have come up with a way of bringing you even more flexibility when it comes to customising your software system: CABINET VISION Reimagined.
CV Reimagined was created to align our software solutions to your processes. CABINET VISION and 
S2M CENTER have been transformed from separate product “levels” into a Core Product with different sets of modules, called Multipliers & Add-Ons. Meaning CV Reimagined enables each of these modules to be added as a solution that meets a specific need. 
Planit have always been honoured to be assisting you and your business in the quest for greater automation and this is still our top priority! It is our goal to continue to deliver customised solutions with personable service and we want to ensure that the introduction of CV Reimagined and the changes that it will bring to your business are rolled out seamlessly and offer a positive experience.
When businesses choose to implement Version 2021, your system will be migrated to the new structure. 
For customers in one of our Software Maintenance Programs (Customer Care / SMP / SMA) this update will be made available to you. Stay Tuned for the approaching release of CABINET VISION 2021. 
We are releasing some information to give you a further understanding of what this change will mean for you with changing over from your current CABINET VISION / S2M product.  We will also be sharing more information regarding CV Reimagined and the structure of the new CV: CORE CABINETS product here - so make sure you check out for our further updates. 
We understand that change can be hard to implement. It’s human nature to resist change as we get used to how things work, we build routines and certain actions become automated over time, but we must remember, progress cannot happen without change. So, we are here to ensure you are supported through this time. 
Our newly introduced Online Customisation Sessions and online booking system will be available to ensure a supported experienced. 

Stay Tuned as we release more information over the coming months!